Increasing Inequality

The McKinsey Global Institute recently released a report entitled ‘Poorer than their Parents? A new perspective on income inequality’. The report states that “The real incomes of about two-thirds of households in 25 advanced economies were flat or fell between 2005 and 2014.” This is more than 540 million people. This contrasts to the period […]

Left Also Divided on Brexit

  The issue of Britain’s exit from the European Union divided the British Conservative Party. But the British left was also divided on the issue. The British Labour Party formally supported the ‘remain’ side. But leader Jeremy Corbyn has been criticised for being ambivalent about staying in the EU and for having pulled his punches in campaigning […]

Our success as a species? How can we judge?

Introduction Philosophers have considered the nature of existence (metaphysics), whether god exists (religious philosophy), how we can know things (epistemology), how we can lead a good, just or happy life (moral philosophy or ethics) and how societies can best be organised (political philosophy). Scientists, biologists in particular, have considered how species, including our own, are […]

Mossack Fonseca the Tip of a Very Nasty Iceberg

Money laundering and tax evasion on a massive scale has been revealed in the leak of more than 11 million documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. The documents show how Mossack Fonseca has helped clients launder money, dodge sanctions and avoid tax. The documents reveal activities by multi-nationals, current or former heads of state, […]